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Artifices Magician

⭕ According to Vocabulary Dictionary, “Artifice” means If a politician pretends to be angry as a way of rousing the anger of the voters and getting more votes, he’s guilty of artifice — a subtle and crafty trick. Before taking on its current meaning, artifice meant a skilled piece of workmanship. A beautiful diamond bracelet might have been considered a piece of artifice, for example; now it would only be called artifice if the diamonds were fake.

⭕ April fool’s day seems like the perfect day to learn a synonym  for trickerybecause trickery and cleverness are used frequently on April Fool’s Day. Artifice can refer to a particular deceit or stratagem or the trait of cunning itself. However, the word artifice does not necessarily connote deceit done with malicious intention; fooling an audience for the purpose of entertainment is still artifice.

⭕ One of the most famous examples of artifice is the Trojan horse, it was a clever invention, a supposed gift that actually tricked the Trojans into opening their gates to the invading Greek army. The opposite of artifice is honesty, frankness or a lack of deception.

⭕ Therefore, when a person plays a trick on others to deceive them, he uses artifice. Artifice is just deception, it is frequent in politics, and is used by dishonest people. In war time too, the sides fighting the war may resort to artifice, as force does not always help them to win. A trick is also an artifice, it is the clever use of tricks and devices.

I would like to share with you this comic which illustrates the meaning of the word ArtificeEffing English by Airgita.

Artifice Noun

To sum up Artifice means:

⭕ a crafty but underhanded deception.

  • To artifice my sister, is quite easy.
  • Pretending to faint was merely an artifice.
  • The whole story was just an artifice to win our sympathy.

⭕ a trick played out as an ingenious, but artful, ruse.

  • The artifices of the theatre.
  • The artifice was successful.
  • In most action movies, actors use artifices to trick the audience into thinking one of the actors has been injured.

⭕ a strategic maneuver that uses some clever means to avoid detection or capture.

  • Artifices of war were hard to understand.
  • The crooked delivery guy hoped his artifice of overcharging customers would go unnoticed by his supervisors.
  • During the Trojan War, the wooden horse was an artifice that helped allow the Greeks to attack the city.

⭕ a tactical move to gain advantage.

  • The police used an artifice to track down the burglar.
  • Everyone believed the enemy’s white flag to be an artifice.
  • During the game of capture the flag, one team’s artifice tricked the other team into losing.
  • The robbers used an artifice to successfully steal the food from the store without being caught by the store clerks.

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Yes You Can Help Just By Sharing This Post. I Will Forever Be Grateful!
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