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⭕ An awesome something or someone is amazing, breathtaking, or overwhelming. Like travelling the globe in a hot air balloon or visiting the Taj Mahal. Or, if you’re 7, hearing someone burp the alphabet.

⭕ Awesome popped on the scene around 1600, probably in a church. It first meant “profoundly reverential,” but morphed later into an adjective meaning “inspiring awe.” Flash forward to the 20th century, when awesome transformed once again — this time into an everyday word for “impressive.” These days it’s synonymous with “outstanding” and “totally cool.”

 How To Be Awesome

  • Be nice. That is super important when it comes to being awesome.
  • Do what you think; people will respect you. Have a weird idea? Make it a reality.
  • Believe in yourself and be confident in who you are, what you do and what you look like!
  • Learn to speak a foreign language. People look up to those who can do what they cannot.
  • Awesome is when you’re being yourself and being confident. Try new things and be creative!
  • Be for the sake of being, not for the sake of others’ seeing. In other words, be awesome because YOU want to, not because you feel you have to seem awesome to others.
  • Awesomeness will come from inside you. You probably don’t know it’s there. But it is inside everyone, it’s just waiting for you to open that door and set it free.
  • Awesomeness isn’t a quality determined by material things. Cars and nice clothes may help you appear awesome, but they will not make you something you’re not.
  • Becoming awesome isn’t just a decision; it’s a lifelong quest. It takes practice and dedication and awareness.

⭕ What is your definition of “awesome”? What image comes to mind when you hear that word? If you’re reading this post, you likely care about how others perceive you. However, the most important person that you can convince of your awesomeness is you! If you have confidence in yourself, others will see how awesome you are!

⭕ You are awesome. Innately, wholly and totally, you are an amazing human being. In fact, there is no one on this planet just like you. You have gifts to give to your friends, family, community and the world that no one else can give and you have a special perspective that no one else holds. You are uniquely and completely AWESOME.

⭕ You have to choose to be awesome. The world needs more awesome people. Just remember that you’re awesome and that’s pretty awesome. Good luck in your path to awesomeness. I hope it leads you to a life of happiness. I hope you’ve learned something useful in this post.

If you choose to be awesome, leave a comment below. Tell us how you plan to be more awesome. 

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Yes You Can Help Just By Sharing This Post. I Will Forever Be Grateful!

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