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Questions Non-Muslims Ask Women Wearing Hijab

Women wearing hijab living in the western world often get asked strange, rude, weird, pretty adorable, and sometimes stupid questions. I wanted to share a humorous side to it by sharing some of them. Do you shower with that thing on? You must be really oppressed by the men in your family!… Read more »

Happy Birthday

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Happy birthday Your birthday is the day of your birth! Right? Well, I didn’t get you a birthday present, but you must be familiar with the present perfect which is not perfect at all. You know that the perfect things in life lie in enjoying the present and the present continuous more than getting a present. So… Read more »

The Power Of Words

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The Power Of Words Yesterday I took a challenge! I started to share some happy thoughts with my friends on Facebook. The idea is simple, share the following phrase in your friends’ wall on Facebook: “You are a highly intelligent being with a purpose. I wish there were more people… Read more »

Message to the world

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⭕ Message To The World ⭕ Message To The World Tuesday, 17 October 2017 2:48 pm @ Earth Creator: Imad Benmoussa ⭕ I know that sounds awfully vague, but let’s talk about it. It’s the job of each and every one of us to help make the world a little bit better. You probably… Read more »

Three Words In Humanity, By Hadil

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⭕ The author in few words ⭕ ⭕ Hadil is a young Algerian teenager born in February 2000. She has many dreams. She has always dreamed of being involved in a career to help others since her young age. Besides that, becoming a well known and a loved writer. First she begun writing… Read more »

Assume vs Presume

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⭕ Assume vs Presume ⭕ What is the difference between ‘assume’ and ‘presume’? In the following post you will learn how to differentiate between the two words by knowing their definitions and their functions in a sentence. After reading this, you shouldn’t ever confuse presume or assume in your writings again. ⭕ Assume vs Presume ⭕ Assume and… Read more »

David Cameron’s Message Ramadan 2015

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