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Add the word “unpresidented” to the dictionary

Unpresidented   Hello Everyone! Short, sweet and strait to the point! Donald Trump today misspelled the word ‘unprecedented’ as ‘unpresidented’ in a tweet on China. Trump swiftly deleted the tweet and replaced it with one using the correct spelling. But the Twitter account for the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the standard-bearer for… Read more »

Sentence Correction Questions Quiz

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⭕ Sentence correction ask you which of the two/three/four choices best expresses an idea or relationship. The questions will require you to be familiar with the stylistic conventions and grammatical rules of standard written English and to demonstrate your ability to improve incorrect or ineffective expressions. ⭕ Don’t let sentence correction questions… Read more »

Bare vs Bear

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Bare vs Bear Bare and Bear are homophones – that is, they are words that are pronounced the same way, but are spelled differently and have different meanings. Consider the words bare and bear. The two are homophones because though they have the same sound, they’re spelled differently and have different… Read more »

Complete sentence or a fragment

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⭕ Complete sentence or a fragment? ⭕ Sentences are used to express thoughts, many errors can occur when writing sentences. Hence, sentences are the pillar of all writing, especially essays. Learning the basic sentence form involves making sure that you understand what a sentence is and what parts must be included to create and write… Read more »

Grammar and Practice

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⭕ Grammar and Practice ⭕ Grammatical errors are acceptable if you’ve just started learning English language so don’t worry if you are making mistakes. Start learning grammar structures, phrases and words that you can apply to daily conversation and life! Grammar exercises must help learners not only form correct sentences, but also use them correctly in… Read more »

Grammar Quiz

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This grammar quiz covers the topics: ⭕ Present continuous. ⭕ Present simple. ⭕ Past simple and past continuous. ⭕ Present perfect. ⭕ Past simple and present perfect. ⭕ The future. ⭕ Simply answer all of the questions in the quiz and press submit to see your score and other statistics. At the end of the quiz you can view… Read more »

Using The Wrong Preposition

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⭕ Using The Wrong Preposition ⭕   Mistakes are often made by using the wrong preposition after certain words. The following list includes the words which most often cause problems. It is very difficult to memorise where and when to use individual prepositions. A better strategy is to try to learn which prepositions… Read more »

Commonly Confused Words

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⭕ Commonly Confused Words ⭕   Lots of everyday English words are used incorrectly, English has a lot of commonly confused words; they either look alike, sound alike or, worst of all, look and sound alike but have completely different meanings. Other words look and sound different but are similar in meaning,… Read more »

How To Use Ever

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A friend has asked me how to use ever. Today, I am going to show you the various ways we can use this convenient English word. We’ll also look at the typical grammar patterns used with ever. Ever means ‘at any time’. It is used mainly in questions. Do you ever wish you were rich?… Read more »

Linking words

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Linking words help you to connect ideas and sentences, so that people can follow your ideas. Like other languages, English has a lot of cohesive or transitional devices and linking words that can be used to express and join ideas. Giving examples: -For example -For instance -Namely The most common way… Read more »