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Add the word “unpresidented” to the dictionary

Unpresidented   Hello Everyone! Short, sweet and strait to the point! Donald Trump today misspelled the word ‘unprecedented’ as ‘unpresidented’ in a tweet on China. Trump swiftly deleted the tweet and replaced it with one using the correct spelling. But the Twitter account for the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the standard-bearer for… Read more »

Happy Birthday

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Happy birthday Your birthday is the day of your birth! Right? Well, I didn’t get you a birthday present, but you must be familiar with the present perfect which is not perfect at all. You know that the perfect things in life lie in enjoying the present and the present continuous more than getting a present. So… Read more »

Urban Myth

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Urban Myth Find below an actual conversation recorded on channel 106 of the maritime emergency frequency off the Galatian coast of Spain between Spaniards and Americans the 16th of October, 1997. Apparently, it has been released only recently. Spaniard: This is A-853, please alter your heading 15 degrees to the… Read more »


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Philatelist ⭕ Don’t call a coin collector a philatelist. That word is reserved for people who collect stamps. If you’re going to become a philatelist, start saving those old envelopes. ⭕ The phil- at the beginning of philatelist gives you a hint as to its meaning: it means “love” — a Francophile… Read more »


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Artifice ⭕ According to Vocabulary Dictionary, “Artifice” means If a politician pretends to be angry as a way of rousing the anger of the voters and getting more votes, he’s guilty of artifice — a subtle and crafty trick. Before taking on its current meaning, artifice meant a skilled piece of workmanship. A beautiful… Read more »

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

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Beauty, Bee, Beholder, Skin-deep Beauty is in the eye of the beholder: used to ​express the ​fact that not all ​people have the same ​opinions about what is ​beautiful or attractive. There is beauty in almost everyone and everything. It doesn’t have to be physical beauty. It can be what’s on… Read more »

Good luck with your exams

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Good luck with your exams! Exam anxiety is often marked by a generally negative point of view. As you are working, try to repeat positive affirmations. Good luck with your exams. Make sure you keep drinking plenty of water throughout your revision, and also on the exam day. At all times try… Read more »


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Happy as long as I’m not Hangry!   ⭕ Are you familiar with the word “Hangry“? According to the Urban Dictionary, “Hangry” occurs when a person is both hungry and angry at the same time. It happens when a person becomes so hungry that his lack of food causes him to… Read more »

Laugh & Learn English Jokes

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⭕ Laugh & Learn English Through Jokes ⭕ Learning a new language can be tough, but there are certain techniques that you can follow to learn any language. There is no magical way to learn a language, but some hard work and practice and you’ll be fluent in no time. Jokes are… Read more »