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A Street Cat Named Bob

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A strange coincidence! While I was in my grocery shop reading the story of A Street Cat Named Bob on my laptop I suddenly heard a screaming out there in the street: “Watch out, watch out! Stop the car! You’re going to kill the cat!” Then I rushed out of my… Read more »

Leo Tolstoy Rules of Life

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Leo Tolstoy’s rules of life– what are yours? September 9th marks 188 years since the birth of the great Russian writer and thinker Leo Tolstoy. Happy Birthday Leo! Tolstoy was a man of many rules. Spectacularly… Tolstoy wrote these rules when he was eighteen years old. Here are 10 “Rules of… Read more »

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, BY Mark Twain

⭕ Tom and the Fence ⭕ ‘Tom! Tom!’ There was no answer. ‘Where is that boy? Tom!’ Aunt Polly looked under the bed but she only found a cat. ‘Tom!’ she cried. Then she heard a noise behind her. A small girl ran past and she stopped him with her hand. ‘What… Read more »