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⭕ Very large in size, quantity, or extent. When something is very, very, VERY big, it can be called enormous. “Poverty is an enormous problem.

⭕ The word enormous contains within it, if you look closely, the root norm, as in normal. So what you’re saying when you call something enormous is that it’s beyond what is normal; you’re trying to convey a sense of exaggerated difference. You may also have heard the word ginormous, which people try to use as enormous with a dramatic flair. But, trust us: ginormous is not a good word; it’s just a blend of two words — gigantic and enormous.

⭕ My pain is unbearably enormous.

⭕ He left his wife an enormous fortune.

⭕ The stress they’re under is enormous.

Things enormous often describes (“enormous ________”)

amount, number, power, size, quantities, increase, influence, amounts, numbers, importance, sums, impact, sum, wealth, pressure, potential, quantity, success, mass, difference, range, growth, difficulties, value, cost, profits, variety, advantage, expense, effort, problems, task, extent, weight, resources, proportions, changes, energy, strength, significance, expansion, losses, popularity, debt, differences, eyes, volume, scale, masses, capacity.

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Yes You Can Help Just By Sharing This Post. I Will Forever Be Grateful!

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