Habits Good Bad

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Bad Habits

Habits Good Bad

“You ultimately become what you repeatedly do. If your habits aren’t helping you, they’re hurting you.” In other words, what you do, you become. You end up where you’re headed. You alone can decide to stay the course, or change directions. Either way, you’ll end up exactly where you’re heading.

“We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.” – John Dryden

⭕ Any action that you perform regularly as part of your routine can be called a habit. Flossing your teeth would be considered a good habit. Sucking your thumb would be considered a bad habit, especially as an adult.

⭕ At the end of the day, you are defined by your habits. Most of a person’s experience in life is determined by a familiar routine. On new year’s people always vow to break their bad habits, but bad habits die hard. Don’t let yourself lose sight of your goals if you foul up. Success is measured by how fast you’re able to pick yourself back up. So be patient.

⭕ To really see what you are doing, you just need to pause for a while and pay attention. With better awareness you can make better choices and when you make better choices, you will see better results. When you understand, you do not need a habit. When you really know in attention, then a habit becomes powerless. So pay attention and understand. Then you will be free of bad habits.

⭕ The fact that you have realized and you know that you have some stubborn habits is a 50 percent problem solved. All you need to do is train your mind. Take one particular habit and work on it.

⭕ Read about your habit. The hard realities of your habit and its consequences can compel you not to do it. For example, Wikipedia articles often have a “Health Risks” section of various practices and substances. It also helps by giving you a sense of clarity. You need to see the big picture, the bad and the good.

⭕ You cannot break a habit overnight! They are so automatic, sometimes you may not even realize you are doing it! It’s not about trying to eliminate our habits and inclinations, but structuring them to serve our ultimate goals. We don’t eliminate a bad habit, We replace it. After all, your goal in the end is not to successfully fight your bad habit, but instead to create good habits so that you do not have to think about the behaviour any more at all.

“If you don’t change the direction you are going, then you’re likely to end up where you’re heading…” ― John C. Maxwell

⭕ It’s not too late to reverse your worst habits (stopping smoking, drinking, over-eating, and more) and immediately start living a happier, healthier life. Get help if you can’t stop your bad habits. There’s no shame in asking for help from family members, friends, or a doctor. We all have bad habits that are ruining our lives. Even spending too much time on the Internet is a bad habit. We all have those bad habits we’d like to break.

⭕ Breaking bad habits takes time and effort, but mostly it takes perseverance. Most people who end up breaking their bad habits try and fail multiple times before they make it work. You might not have success right away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have it at all.

Stop Bad Habits

⭕ Take heart in that. Look at where you’re headed and if it’s not where you want to go. Just Stop! Analyse your life and set some intentional goals to change your direction. You don’t need to go with the “flow”of life”, you need to start going with the “flow of you!” Remember, what you expose yourself to repeatedly shapes who you are. Finally, remember that overcoming a bad habit takes time. It probably took a while to develop the bad habit, you shouldn’t think that it will go away quickly.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

⭕ If you’ve ever learned to play a sport or taken up a new personal interest, you’ll know how satisfying it can feel to reach a significant goal. As well as learning something new, you’ve changed yourself for the better. Good habits lie behind many of these positive changes.

⭕ The wonderful benefit of developing good habits is that after doing them repeatedly, they soon become automatic. Anything you do for a long while and consistently enough eventually becomes a habit, and once it does, you no longer have to put much effort into it. Such is the beauty  of developing good habits!

Have a great weekend! 

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Yes You Can Help Just By Sharing This Post. I Will Forever Be Grateful!
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