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Yes You Can Help Just By Sharing This Post. I Will Forever Be Grateful!

Obama Speech

⭕ Learn English Language! Learn Computer Science! ⭕ President Barack Obama asks every American to learn computer science. Computer Science Education Week, or “CSEdWeek,” is an annual campaign highlighting the importance of learning computer science.

The President’s Speech:

Hi everybody.

This week I’m proud to join the students, teachers, businesses and non-profit organizations taking big new steps to support computer science in America’s schools. Learning these skills isn’t just important for your future, it’s important for our country’s future. If we want America to stay on the cutting edge, we need young Americans, like you, to master the tools and technology that will change the way we do just about everything. That’s why I’m asking you to get involved.

Don’t just buy a new video game, make one. Don’t just download the latest app, help design it. Don’t just play on your phone, program it. No one’s born a computer scientist, but with a little hard work, and some math and science, just about anyone can become one.

This week is your chance to give it a shot. And don’t let anyone tell you “you can’t.” Whether you’re a young man or a young woman, whether you live in a city or a rural area, computers are going to be a big part of your future. And if you’re willing to work and study hard, that future is yours to shape.

Thanks everybody!

A year after on the 1 year anniversary of the first Hour of Code, over 50 million students have tried the Hour of Code. President Obama kicks off the 2014 Computer Science Education Week with a new call to motivate students worldwide to try the Hour of Code.

The President’s Speech:

Hi everybody! Last year, students and teachers across our country celebrated Computer Science Education Week with an Hour of Code. They learned new skills, programmed games and apps, and realized that while no one is born a computer scientist, becoming a computer scientist isn’t as scary as it sounds. With hard work, and a little math and science, anyone can do it.

For this year’s Computer Science Education Week, more than 48 million people have already participated, and we’re hoping even more of you will get involved. 

Don’t just consume things, create things. Take an hour to learn more about the technology that touches every part of our lives.

That’s how you can prepare yourself with the skills you need for your future. And that’s how you can help prepare our country for the future as well.

America has always been a nation of tinkerers, builders, and inventors. We brought the world everything from the lightbulb and the telephone, to the iPad and the Internet. So whether you’re a young man trying his hand at programming for the first time or a young woman who is already hard at work on the next big thing, we’re counting on you–America’s young people, to keep us on the cutting edge. Thanks everybody, and happy coding!

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Yes You Can Help Just By Sharing This Post. I Will Forever Be Grateful!

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