Need a Friend

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Yes You Can Help Just By Sharing This Post. I Will Forever Be Grateful!
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Need a Friend

If you need a friend then cats are one of the best pets to bring into your home. Adopting a shelter cat will be mutually beneficial for both you and your cat. Cats need love and attention just like we do, but won’t always demand it. This means you can chose the time to concentrate on the cat and give your undivided attention. A cat needs to trust you before they become friends with you, just as with humans.

You Can Save Its Life.

There are far too many cats living without a home. Cats that are not adopted are often left to be euthanised or to become a stray cat. It is estimated that a little over a million shelter cats will be put to sleep each year. Even if your family can only adopt one cat, you will have saved one life.

Adopting one cat won’t change the world, but it will change the world for one cat.


Provide a Loving Companion To Your Family

Cats make great companions for both adults and children. These loveable and loyal pets can be quite playful, depending on the breed and individual temperament. Your cat will quickly become familiar with your family and its new environment and warm up to you in no time. Before you know it, your cat will become your new furry best friend.

Cats have healing powers. It’s true. There’s science to back it up.

Petting a cat can release stress-reducing relaxation hormones, lower your blood pressure, and reduce your chances of heart attack or stroke.
Why a cat is your ideal friend!

The healing power of cat purrs. SourceGemma Busquets

How should you approach a cat on the street?

Why to friend a stray cat!

What to do if you Find a Stray or Feral Cat Source: The Scaredy Cat 

Love Me, Love Meow!

Stray cats are used to fending for themselves without human care or attention. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t befriend one. With patience, you can encourage a stray to trust you. Start by offering food and letting the cat get used to your presence, and you just might gain a new feline companion.

With the right training, human support, and lots of patience, all cats can feel comfortable and happy in almost any environment. At all times when making friends with a cat, be sure the cat has access to a safe space where it can go if it feels tired, overwhelmed or frightened.

For the love of (Stray) cats, there is always a way to help. Love meow!

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Yes You Can Help Just By Sharing This Post. I Will Forever Be Grateful!
  • 224

8 thoughts on “Need a Friend

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      Thank you for taking the time to read my post and leave a comment, I really appreciate it so much. I am very glad you found it great and tell your daughter that Sigmund Freud says that: “Time spent with cats is never wasted.” 🙂

  1. Zineb

    Unfortunately, I am a dog person. I really enjoyed reading this post, for I didn’t know of the healing powers of cats! ^^ Thank you!

      1. cat9984

        Thanks. I somehow deleted your other comment, but I wanted to thank you for that compliment as well. We look forward to seeing you again.


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