One-liner Wednesday: Who wants to be a shopkeeper?

Yes You Can Help Just By Sharing This Post. I Will Forever Be Grateful!

Who wants to be a shopkeeper? You can learn a lot from being a shopkeeper, you will master the art of reading peoples’ mind and wallet before they walk in your door and even after they walk out. From the first step in the shop and from the first spoken word!

Yet, I have to admit that being a shopkeeper is not my dream career, but at least it gives me the freedom of being my own boss.

By being a shopkeeper you will learn the non-verbal communication through the face of people, especially their eyes and through the tone of their voices; yes, you will predict and know in advance what a customer wants to buy, whether your client want to make a credit purchase or will pay his purchase… 🙂

You will detect a thief in the first eye contact like I did today luckily I didn’t give him the opportunity to steal, so he left peacefully. After a while a neighbour told me that the nearby shopkeeper caught a thief on camera and he’s on his way to the police station…

I’ve described the thief’s face and appearance, and the neighbour surprisingly asked me, how on earth did I know the thief? I asked him if he knows the famous French expression “Le client EST ROI” (The client is king), he answered, yes of course! Well, in my case, my client was apparently a thief, I responded. A true story!

To be a blogger and a shopkeeper is certainly a curious combination but likeable! Bloggers are super creative; they can make you believe anything with their creativity. Shopkeepers are good salesperson; they can sell you anything legal or illegal. Do you want to be a shopkeeper?

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Who wants to be a shopkeeper

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Yes You Can Help Just By Sharing This Post. I Will Forever Be Grateful!

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