Quality Time

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Quality Time

Quality Time

Quality time (QT) as defined in Wikipedia is an informal reference to time spent with close family, partners or friends that is in some way important, special, productive or profitable. It is time that is set aside for paying full and undivided attention to the person or matter at hand. It may also refer to time spent performing some favourite activity.

⭕ In brief quality time is the time that you spend with someone, giving them your full attention because you value the relationship.

  • Dad and I spent some quality time together.
  • He spends quality time with his children every day.
  • Spending some quality time after work with your children is very important.
  • Let’s spend some quality time together, talking, sharing, communicating.

⭕ It’s an expression we hear often but is hard to quantify – every family is different, and its meaning will vary from house to house. For some people it may mean pulling out the board games once a week, for others it’s having in-depth conversations around the dinner table, and for some it may be enjoying a sport together. Whatever it means to you, it’s essential that you make it a priority for yourself, your relationship and your family.

⭕ The importance of quality time before and after marriage. Spending time with the one you love is important in every relationship. While this may seem obvious, it’s these times of deeper connection that will sustain you during the lean times.

⭕ Life is often an over abundance of emails, instant messages, apps, profiles, exams, shows, activities, studies, work, schedules, and the endless desire to know about what’s going on around you. It’s so easy to get lost in the chaos, days could go by easily without getting in touch with your family members and loved ones.

⭕ You used to do things together. Now you don’t ever have time for them because you are always too busy or too tired. You should share deeper moments with them and if your relationship has not been a high priority, it’s time to make positive changes and have much quality time.

Do you value spending time with your family, partners or friends? What is quality time to you?

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Yes You Can Help Just By Sharing This Post. I Will Forever Be Grateful!

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