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Add the word “unpresidented” to the dictionary

Unpresidented   Hello Everyone! Short, sweet and strait to the point! Donald Trump today misspelled the word ‘unprecedented’ as ‘unpresidented’ in a tweet on China. Trump swiftly deleted the tweet and replaced it with one using the correct spelling. But the Twitter account for the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the standard-bearer for… Read more »

The word of the year

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⭕ What Is Your Word of the Year? ⭕ ⭕ While watching a video on YouTube recently, entitled “Oxford Dictionaries – Define, Translate, & Explore Words”. The video was about the word of the year, hence the word listicle was mentioned. The word was not familiar to me, so I thought I would investigate and share with the… Read more »

Improve Your Vocabulary

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⭕ Improve Your Vocabulary ⭕ ⭕ Learning new words every day will help improve your vocabulary. Seeing or hearing a new word does not mean there is a problem with your English. It does not mean that your English is worse than you thought it was. It’s just another opportunity to improve your… Read more »

New Words

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There are over one million words in the English language. Increasing your vocabulary requires daily discipline and a desire to learn, when you see an unfamiliar word, do not skip over it impatiently. Try to figure out its possible meaning in the context of the sentence, then look it up… Read more »