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⭕ Have you ever wondered why building a good vocabulary is so important? The most common question that people keep asking me at Oxford Junior is: how to learn a new vocabulary? I think that paying attention to words used around you is the best way to increase your working vocabulary.

⭕ A rich vocabulary in English is indispensable for speaking and writing English fluently, and the quickest route to competence. The size of your vocabulary is a good indicator of your comprehension ability when reading new materials. The best way to increase the size of your vocabulary is to expose yourself to as much English as possible.

⭕ I know that you can expand your vocabulary almost as fast as you wish. Remember, you have started learning English language knowing no words, and now you know a large number of words. You can still learn many more. Why not start today right here with Vocabulary Gallery?

Notice that you can save the pictures for later consultation or share the pictures with your friends.

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